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AAIT Treatment for Pediatric Cancers

Some children with various cancers cannot be helped with regimens of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Development of resistance to chemotherapy, and relapsed malignancy is a leading cause of mortality in pediatrics. AAIT turns on the normal immune response to attack cancer cells via targeted NK cell activation an important advancement to cancer immunotherapy.

AAIT application improves the novel humoral and cellular immune response against cancer that may greatly help children and adolescents with various malignancies.

Various clinical trials of immunotherapy for pediatric cancer have recently been initiated. To date, most immune-based therapies have been well tolerated and some have shown clinically significant activity against specific refractory high-risk malignancies.

Recent clinical trial results provide proof-of-principle that cancer immunotherapy has the capacity to overcome chemotherapy resistance without the usual toxicities associated with cytotoxic regimens. Envita's AAIT which is a next generation treatment in Natural Killer Cell immunotherapy holds promise for children and adolescents with various cancer types and has the potential to improve both survival and quality of life.

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Welcome to Envita's Biologics Division! Our AAIT method is the latest in our line of cancer and immunotherapy treatments and in comparison to immunotherapy options that are currently available in United States as well as abroad, it boasts a significant level of tumor kill without having to resort to biopsy. AAIT can be used in addition to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or delivered intra-operatively. It's very important to note that AAIT can also be utilized completely independent of chemotherapy and radiation because it leverages a completely different mechanism of tumor kill. If you have any questions or would like to speak to our clinicians directly, please send us an email. To learn more about how you or your institution can become part of our Envita Mexico team, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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