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Envita was founded more than 10 years ago, in 2001, by Naturopathic doctor & research-oriented Dino Prato NMD. In the early 2005, Envita assembled a team lead by John Plummer molecular/cell biologist with an emphasis in immunology, and David Korn MD DO MD(H), an integrative clinician and researcher challenged with building vaccine utilizing Natural Killer Cells to fight cancer and metastasis.

They identified a problem among advanced cancer patients with a great deal of commonality – impaired immunity. Upon learning about this development, FDA issued a warning letter to Envita for not registering the biologics product as a new research drug with IND application.

In 2008 Envita added Brent Korn DO (board certified in internal medicine) to the team and was granted permission by the FDA an IND to pursue a phase one drug study using the body's own immune system to fight cancer. Being primarily an integrative medical center, Envita did not want to limit their biologics development and the opportunity to use Natural Killer Cell Vaccine to help patients.

By observing the obstacles encountered with similar cancer vaccine pioneers (the long road of Dendron's 14 year-old Provenge development) Envita did not choose to pursue its FDA study approval in the United States. Instead, Envita partnered with renowned international Hematologist/Oncologist and Bone Marrow Specialist Joel Badell MD and Professor of Immunology from the University of Sonora Medical School Antonio Rascon PhD in 2010.

After having collaborated on many successful patient treatments with these decorated specialists, Envita Mexico established its center in Herrmosillo, Mexico's CIMA Towers. The center continues to thrive under the leadership of Dr. Badell and laboratory expertise of Laboratory expertise Dr. Rascon who continue to develop new bone marrow transplant methods, as well as mesychmal stem cell research. Envita's impressive history of treatment successes, coupled with new developments and improvements to our proprietary vaccine, Envita Mexico promises to be a world leader in Cancer Immunology.

The company's goal was to develop a new generation of therapeutics created from the body's own cell types that are naturally occurring and important in human health and disease. Within a few short years, Envita had proven it possible to produce customized vaccines and significantly help cancer patients. Today, Envita continues to use biologics engineering, techniques, and sophisticated technologies to develop medicines that address significant, specific, and previously unmet need, to provide clinical benefits to patients worldwide.

In March 2012, Envita became a member of the CIMA Towers in Hermosillo, Mexico. CIMA is one the most respected hospital systems in Mexico and provides a private, full-service hospital to the benefit of patients from all around the world. As part of the partnership, Envita has contributed their biologics operations in Mexico, to service patients and doctors globally. Envita's Scottsdale campus now serves as the headquarters for clinical care and treatment planning, implementing the finest advanced natural and conventional medicine treatments for cancer and chronic disease.

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Welcome to Envita's Biologics Division! Our AAIT method is the latest in our line of cancer and immunotherapy treatments and in comparison to immunotherapy options that are currently available in United States as well as abroad, it boasts a significant level of tumor kill without having to resort to biopsy. AAIT can be used in addition to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or delivered intra-operatively. It's very important to note that AAIT can also be utilized completely independent of chemotherapy and radiation because it leverages a completely different mechanism of tumor kill. If you have any questions or would like to speak to our clinicians directly, please send us an email. To learn more about how you or your institution can become part of our Envita Mexico team, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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