Our Vision

Envita aspires to be the best human biologics therapeutics company in the world, for treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. Achieving our goal began with the assembly of an amazing team of physicians and scientists.

At Envita, we apply four guiding principles to our vision of optimal health care, including:

  • An unwavering focus on cancer and chronic illness. We seek to helps patients suffering from great (an otherwise unmet) medical needs by means of a true integration of medicine to save and improve human life.
  • Use of the finest and safest medical treatments from around the world to help our patients — The critical question remains, "What's the best therapeutic approach for a particular person and particular disease?"
  • Our emphasis on avoiding treatments that are not only ineffective but harmful. In our industry, doctors and institutions can be so protocol driven that patients often suffer as a result. In its stead, Envita offers a results driven approach that drives our never ending quest to develop life-enhancing (and -saving) treatment strategies.
  • Genuine loving care provided with seamless integration. There are important insights that come with patient-first care, and by placing patient outcomes and well-being at the center of our work is the epicenter of our mission.

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Welcome to Envita's Biologics Division! Our AAIT method is the latest in our line of cancer and immunotherapy treatments and in comparison to immunotherapy options that are currently available in United States as well as abroad, it boasts a significant level of tumor kill without having to resort to biopsy. AAIT can be used in addition to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or delivered intra-operatively. It's very important to note that AAIT can also be utilized completely independent of chemotherapy and radiation because it leverages a completely different mechanism of tumor kill. If you have any questions or would like to speak to our clinicians directly, please send us an email. To learn more about how you or your institution can become part of our Envita Mexico team, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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