Why Hermosillo, Mexico?

The resplendent capital of Sonora is Hermosillo, Mexico. This prosperous agricultural center, rich with culture and warm-hearted residents, recently became the home for Ford Motor Company's Mexican manufacturing. The city houses several important infrastructures for Envita's international care. First, it is the home of the Sonora Medical School and it is also a primary location for Mexico's CIMA hospital systems. CIMA is the quintessential American-style hospital and maintains a broad spectrum of medical services and specialties. Dr. Badell, Envita's chief medical director hematologist/oncologist and bone marrow specialist, is available on-campus to provide the necessary clinical expertise and highest-levels of contact and care to our patients. Professor Rascon, Envita's Lab Director is also an active member of the facility and maintains pristine laboratory GMP criteria.

Travel to Hermosillo

The 1 hour flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport leaves twice per day (via US Airways and Aero Mexico), making it a quick trip from Envita Headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Because Hermosillo's reputation as a center for business commerce, rather than an over-sold vacation destination on the border, Hermosillo provides great safety for American travels.

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo

CIMA hospital Hermosillo began as a dream of both doctors and entrepreneurs alike from all across Mexico. Their vision culminated in an ultra-modern state-of-the-art hospital in 1996 – The Hospital CIMA Hermosillo. Built with support from the International Hospital Corporation (a US corporation that owns eight multi-specialty hospitals throughout Mexico, Costa Rica & Brazil) as well as the Nacional Financiera (Mexican development bank), Hospital CIMA Hermosillo has earned strong reputation and great respect over the years, for both its medicine and patient relations. The hospital itself has been a destination site for medical tourism for over a decade.

History on Hermosillo

Founded in 1700 to bolster the "Hispanic expansion," the town was originally named "Santísima Trinidad del Pitic (Most Holy Trinity) by its founder Alferez Juan Bautista Escalante. And visitors quickly find that Hermosillo hasn't lost its traditional essence as a Mexican province.

Serving as Sonora's state capital since 1879, Hermosillo offers visitors big-city comfort with small-town values. Hermosillo is characterized by its modern urbanism which blends old buildings with provincial style and elegance. Among the historical constructions, the Government Palace is a favorite of locals and guests alike.

Renowned for its historical murals and statues of military leaders such as General Ignacio Pesqueira and García Morales, Hermosillo brims with life at Zaragoza Square, its cultural center – just a few blocks from Envita Mexico at CIMA Hospital.

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