The 3 Key Objectives of Our Bone Marrow Transplant Pipeline

Our Autologous Adoptive Immunotherapy (AAIT) is a type of therapy that is only available in our Mexico center that hasn't been approved by the FDA for the treatment of cancer within the United States. AAIT utilizes a targeted natural killer cell treatment using the patient's own immune system aimed towards fighting cancer.

  • Our focus is to help patients avoid and assist graft-versus-host complications seen in association with bone marrow transplants. With the assistance of the international community, Envita's biologics team is developing new methods to control immunity and speed healing in bone marrow transplant recipients.
  • Our biologics team provides cost effective solutions with high-level technology for patients in need of bone marrow transplants.
  • Our biologics team specializes in customized patient treatments to help them avoid bone marrow transplants in the traditional sense, while helping patients to achieve their medical goals, reduce side effects, and avoid far-to-common, life-threatening complications.

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Welcome to Envita's Biologics Division! Our AAIT method is the latest in our line of cancer and immunotherapy treatments and in comparison to immunotherapy options that are currently available in United States as well as abroad, it boasts a significant level of tumor kill without having to resort to biopsy. AAIT can be used in addition to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or delivered intra-operatively. It's very important to note that AAIT can also be utilized completely independent of chemotherapy and radiation because it leverages a completely different mechanism of tumor kill. If you have any questions or would like to speak to our clinicians directly, please send us an email. To learn more about how you or your institution can become part of our Envita Mexico team, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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