Pancreatic Cancer

The prognosis for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer (stage III or higher) remains dire even after curative resection. Liver metastasis or local reoccurrence appears in most patients. Impairment of the immune system is decidedly a factor, due to the advancement of the cancer itself. Furthermore, impairment of the immune system occurs during the postoperative period.

Despite even radical resections, residual regional tumor cells remain a threat. AAIT can be augmented as a viable treatment option intended to marginalize micro and macro metastatic cells where chemotherapy has failed in the past. The effectiveness of prior published lesser immunotherapy strategies for this cancer type has shown that treatment was beneficial, heralding a positive survival. Envita's AAIT is deemed a future generation immunotherapy that enables a direct anti-metastatic treatment that affects primary site and regional metastasis. In clinical observation, the earlier the patient initiates treatment, in conjugation with concurrent enzymatic treatment, said patients experience the most favorable outcomes.

Overview AAIT with Pancreatic Cancers

  • Direct anti-tumor approach, independent of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.
  • Assistance in postoperative treatment to treat metastatic cancer cells, poised to block acceleration of growth, typically seen postoperatively due to increased tumor growth factors.
  • Innovative customized strategy for those pancreatic patients with metastatic spread to the liver.
  • In particular cases intraportal AAIT can be appropriated to prevent local regional reoccurrence in patients seeking curative resection of pancreatic cancer.


Effect of intraportal adoptive immunotherapy on liver metastases after resection of pancreatic cancer. M. Kobari, S. Egawa, K. Shibuya, M. Sunamura, K. Saitoh and S. Matsuno First Department of Surgery, Tohoku University of Medicine, 1-1 Seiryo-machi, Aoba-Ku, Dendai 980-8574, Japan

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